Samedi 27 Mai – RandoTrail autour du Cheiron

It’s been a fanstatic tour with stunning views on the sea and mountains, a few deers and lots of vultures above our head, beautiful birds…

We have started from the old village of Coursegoules and reach the looooong crest of the Cheiron, with lots of up and downs. At the summit, called Jerusalem thanks to the Templars, we had a well deserved picnic and a short nap before the descent.

The traverse in the South face called « Les Miroirs » allowed us to run, across the ruins and fields that were used a hundred years ago.

The group has been amazing: thumbs up to the young team, around 20 years old, first hike ever, you are strong …  In its own style, Captain Daniel and his magic socks found some challenge by carrying 2 backpacks and wearing long sleeves black shirt under the sun of the coast d’azur, respect!

Next hike-and-run is planned on the 2nd of July, on the Mount Bego, it won’t be an easier one 🙂

2017-05-27 12.25.52.jpg2017-05-27 11.53.19.jpg

2017-05-27 13.55.23.jpg

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